Three Day Rule for Saving Short Little Update

A little while ago I wrote about the three day rule that could help saving money a bit and let me tell you it was quite difficult at first. Jesus still has little problems when it comes to candy and food, but it definitely has decreased incredibly and we try to keep it to only one day every other week. 

We have made some bigger purchases, but those we waited over a full week before taking that step. It has made all f those purchases worth while and since we have started, I have already paid off one credit card, this feels absolutely amazing and takes off so much weight off my shoulders. We have also been able to save more money than we have in a really long time.

This little rule is something that we will definitely keep following and it will definitely help paying the rest of our debt off. I paid off the smallest debt, next we are skipping the other two small debts and we are taking out a slightly larger loan with a ridiculous interest rate and super high payments!

Thank you very much for reading this update. If you have tried this out as well, leave your experience below! I would love to hear about what you have done and what may help others or myself. Have a wonderful day!

Hello! My name is Adriana but you can call me Cheetos. I am just an artist on the road to financial freedom in order to travel the world with my beautiful man and pup. If you would like to know more, go to the about me or shoot me an email at Also I had nothing to do with Jesus's bio info... >:D

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