The Biggest Scam of All

There are so many scams out there it is absolutely ridiculous. But the worst ones are those that not only take our money, but our time and effort, then leaves us with guilt and nothing to do about it. The biggest scam of them all is the 40/40/40 scam of life.

What will you regret the most when the time comes?Grand Canyon view so freaking beautiful

Many people believe that we will end up regretting things that we do when we are older like getting a tattoo, when in reality, most will say that they regret certain things that they didn’t do. Most of us are stuck in jobs that keep us from really doing what we want, whether that is spending more time with the family, making more friends, seeing the Grand Canyon, or even base jumping into possible death. These jobs give us money and security which is great, but it doesn’t do very much else.

I know I was constantly told that I need a good permanent job that offers good benefits. I was told that I needed to settle down and start making a family before its too late. If you were to ask these people what is one thing that they have always wanted to do, most would say they always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, visit Hawaii, travel everywhere and so much more.

View from Hawaii from a plane accidentally upside downIf you asked them why they never did it, they couldn’t just up and leave. They would say they couldn’t because they had a job, they couldn’t get the vacation time, of maybe they will even say that they will, when they retire and don’t have any kids to take care of.

We are accustomed to the world always telling us that in order to have a successful life you need to work 40 hours per week, for 40 years, to retire and get back 40% of what we already had a hard time enjoying life with. People put so much time and effort into this idea of what a good life is, that they never think about what they really want because it is ridiculous and will waste time that you could be spending working.


When my family found out that I went to Alaska the first time to work in housekeeping because I wanted to see Alaska, they thought I was stupid and wasting my time out there. The only thing that mattered was that I needed a stable job and getting seasonal jobs was going to ruin my experience.

When I chose to go to Colorado, same thing, they backed off a bit though because I took Jesus so at least I was settling with someone but they still judged. All of these people acted like they were interested in all the amazing life experiences I was gaining, but really, they were just waiting to tell me that that was foolish and that I should stop. That I should just get a stable job and drop the idea of traveling out of USA and Mexico because its stupid and worthless.Jesus and Cheetos first day in Colorado getting a little taste of freedom

I don’t believe in dropping my hopes and dreams just because my family thinks I am crazy, and if that makes me the black sheep, that’s fine. They will realize sooner or later that they could have done much more, if they found other ways to make money, like having their own online business (get started here), rather than putting everything off until they retire.

My mom is going through a divorce at the moment and she has been thinking about what she has actually done in life. Besides having beautiful children and a long marriage that wasn’t the best, there isn’t much. She’s honestly thinking about just going to Alaska and working there to get away and see at least a little part of the country (besides California) she has lived in most of her life.

This scam drains everything

This scam that everyone has bought into takes so much from people and just this thought of job security and retirement just plants itself in their minds and rationalizes how putting 40 years of your life to work makes sense when it really doesn’t. There are other ways of making money that becomes just as secure without the need of spending so much time in a place you don’t really like.

Owning your own business, working for yourself and making your own schedule really isn’t as hard as it used to be. There are organizations and communities available to help you get started and make something you actually like into a money making business. Jesus and I are learning through Wealthy Affiliate (here is our review) and I am telling you its a lot easier than what I thought it was. Its free if you want and its simple and easy to follow. They have so many articles and information on everything you need to know and a huge community of people willing to help.

Don’t let your life pass before you and then regret so many things you could have done but didn’t because you were working a job you probably don’t even like. Make your own business and get out there and enjoy the world!



Hello! My name is Adriana but you can call me Cheetos. I am just an artist on the road to financial freedom in order to travel the world with my beautiful man and pup. If you would like to know more, go to the about me or shoot me an email at Also I had nothing to do with Jesus's bio info... >:D


  1. Gina
    April 18, 2017

    Hi Cheetos,
    You are so right! Most people spend their whole life with that 40/40/40 so called way of life and end up regretting all they missed. They are miserable and misery likes company so they try to make it seem like it’s the thing to do. They are just jealous of people like you that get to travel around and live a life of freedom.

    Keep going and living your life of freedom and you will be much happier than all of them. If you can just get through to a few of them they would be so thankful that you did. Owning your own online business gives you a sense of being in control of what you do and where you go because let’s face it, all we have is today. You never know if you’ll even make it to retirement and if you do you probably won’t enjoy it as much as when you are young.

    I wish you the very best in everything you do,

    1. Adriana Olmedo
      April 22, 2017

      Hey Gina!
      That is my hope, to get through to a few people and push them to enjoy their life. There is no need to live life so upset all of the time. We need happier people 🙂 Thank you very much for your lovely comment. Have a wondrous day!


  2. Josh
    March 1, 2017

    40-40-40 scam and you couldn’t have said it better.
    Having a job does have its benefits though. You have a fixed amount of money coming in at the end of each month which provides some level of certainty and security.

    I’ve seen people having worked their entire lives and retire comfortably due to the assets they have built over the years. But this is the exception and not the rule.

    A job means that you are tied to a particular city or state or maybe be forced to travel or permanently relocate should your job demand so.
    You don’t get to pick your hours of work or do what you love.

    The bottom line is, a successful online business will enable you to have a lifestyle that is impossible to live by if you have a 9-5 job. An online business provides you with the flexibility, independence and security that a job simply cannot. Will you have to work hard to achieve success? Absolutely

    1. Adriana Olmedo
      March 1, 2017

      exactly every thing involes time and hard work the real question is to you want to use your time and work to make someone else’s dreams come true or yours or even both if you like helping people succeed thank you for your comment


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