Pixabay Review, Free Images, Vectors, and Videos!

Overview: Every online business needs pictures otherwise it will crash and burn. Unfortunately, not all of us are artists or have the right set up to take the pictures you need. But don’t you fret, because Pixabay is here to the rescue!

Pixabay to the rescue for free images for anything, including your website through Wealthy AffiliateOverall Ranking: 9.75/10

Price: Free! (Unless you want to donate)

Owners: Pixabay.com

Website: pixabay.com


  • Free images!
  • You don’t have to mention the author (they just ask for a link back to pixabay if possible)
  • thousands and thousands of images to choose from!


  • you can’t put too many words in the search engine or you won’t get anything


Join pixabay for free for free imagesTo use pixabay, you just have to sign up for a free account. Once you do that you are free to use any images on the website!

Pixabay has thousands of artist, photographers, and even some videographers that choose to upload their photographs for other to use for free. Because they are free, most of the photographs don’t require attribution, which comes in very handy when you use many photographs without really catching a name.

They do have some ads going throughout the website because, well they have to pay for it somehow. You can get rid of these by uploading ten works of your own to their giant database. If you are feeling nice and grateful for everything they have helped you with, you could also choose to donate a few bucks. You can upload images yourself to help others have pictures for their websites


There isn’t too much there in terms of support, there are a few FAQ, they do have a blog and they have social media pages. This really isn’t a problem because there is not much to the website, either they have the picture you need or they don’t. If there is a problem with your payment, well I am sure you can talk to someone then.


Support pixabay by donating a little bit, like enough for coffeeI personally have not paid into pixabay quite yet because I am a little tight on money, but as son as I get back on my feet, that is the first thing I am going to do. This site has helped me so much. I do not live in a very picturesque environment that allows me to take pictures that are related to my particular niche. Because of this I have been relying heavily on pixabay, except for a few random pictures here and there, and our Gallery of course.

The only baby complaint I have is that one can’t put too many words in the search engine or else it won’t be found. This is honestly a more personal complaint. I am sometimes too specific and like to put too many words in. But this is nothing compared to the amazing photographs I have been able to acquire for my website.

The only pictures that I actually took are those in the Gallery and few sprinkled throughout the website. The rest are those created in Canva (here is our review) using photographs from pixabay, which account for about 70% of the images on freefinallyfree.com.

Anyway, this is a pretty amazing product. I definitely recommend it if you are starting out your own business online, or if you plan to start one in the near future. If you would like to know more about working at home, check out our review on Wealthy Affiliate (here). It is a pretty freaking awesome web host (What is Web Hosting?) with so many classes, courses, tutorials, and so much more.

Don’t be scared to leave a comment below on your experience with pixabay or any other free tool out there that could help out an up and coming online entrepreneur.


Hello! My name is Adriana but you can call me Cheetos. I am just an artist on the road to financial freedom in order to travel the world with my beautiful man and pup. If you would like to know more, go to the about me or shoot me an email at cheetos@freefinallyfree.com. Also I had nothing to do with Jesus's bio info... >:D


  1. Dennis Darragh
    March 6, 2017

    Pixabay is great I have been using them for a while! You can always help them and the artists by buying a pic once in a while. Donating is a beautiful thing and it gives you the ability to give a little at a time!

    Loved your site!


    1. Adriana Olmedo
      March 7, 2017

      Hey Dennis! I very much agree! Donating time and or money to an awesome site that has provided so many photographs is appreciated. I can’t quit yet, but I will very soon. I do plan to maybe even donate some of my photography 🙂

      Thank you for the comment! Have a gorgeous day!


  2. ken
    March 4, 2017

    Hey Cheetos i have never hears of pixabay but thanks for the review because i’m always looking for royalty free pics for my business as well. I will surly put it to some good use. thank again for the info..

    1. Adriana Olmedo
      March 4, 2017

      You are very much welcome. It has so many pictures and I use some almost every day. Just don’t out too many words into the search engine, its a little weird and it may not bring you anything. Have fun with this awesome site! I hope it reduces the amount of money you spend on photographs for your business.

      Have a marvelous day!



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