Jaaxy Review: Keyword Awesomeness

Jaaxy Overview: Jaaxy is an awesome keyword system that helps business owner and just normal people find out what people are searching, how they are wording it, what works better, and what doesn’t. It offer a lot of information that can be crucial to any business owner and even an online blogger. 

Jaaxy Keyword Awesomeness! post image for freefinallyfree.comOverall Rank: 8/10

Price: Free, $19/month, $60/month

Website: Jaaxy.com


  • Budget friendly (can get it for free now)
  • Includes an Alphabet Soup search (what is this and why you should try it?)
  • Can tell you the rank of your website
  • Includes an affiliate program for anyone that signs up


  • Free version is not a quick at getting some information as Pro and Enterprise, but still really good stuff

Who is Jaaxy For?

Anyone trying to get a product or information out there. Whether you are trying to sell cat food or trying to let people know about the latest news, you need to know about keywords in order to rank better, get more traffic, and make a little extra cash while you use this awesome tool.

Jaaxy Tools & Training

Jaaxy includes quite a few training tools to work it. They have a few bonus training and its not too hard to figure out. If you do want more training on Jaaxy, I do know of another program that offers a free membership and it also has a lot of information on anything you need to know about starting your own business online here!

Jaaxy Price


As I have mentioned, there is a free account available, unfortunately, you do have a limit of 30 searches with the free account, but that is fine because that gives you a chance to try it out without a time limit. Unless you need everything to be instant, faster, and just more voluminous, you shouldn’t need more than the Pro version, which is pretty freaking awesome. 

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy

It is no lie that keywords play a huge part in things like online business. Without them, you would have to pay thousands to get your name out there, and even then, you wouldn’t really get that much of it out there. Jaaxy is possibly the best keyword search engine out there. It gives you the opportunity to try it for free with information that is more accurate than most sites out there.

If you want to really get a handle on keywords, or need more ideas to create useful content, try it out for free here. It doesn’t hurt to try.

If you would like more free stuff, check out this awesome program that gives so much information and a step by step to creating online wealth.

Try the Jaaxy search tool engine below!

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