How to Find the Best Keywords for SEO

Keywords are very important and can greatly affect your websites success. But before we get to that, we need to know what SEO is in the first place. 

how to find the best keywords for seo post image for freefinallyfree.comWhat is SEO?

From my understanding, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique that can make your website more visible (better rankings). It can also help increase traffic to your website and trust. For more information about SEO and its needs, check out this awesome and informative article in Wealthy Affiliate  (here is our review of WA) written by one of its members.

What are you writing about?

First you need to know what you are going to write about. Lets say that you are writing about hiking and you would like to know the best keywords to use for a post about different hiking backpacks and which are the best to choose from. First thing to do is to head over to google and type in “which hiking backpack” and see what pops up. which hiking backpack keyword search results on google

Write down the ones you can write about and try another set of words like “best hiking backpack” and write those down. best hiking backpack keyword search results on google

You keep doing this until you have a few phrases to work with. Then you head over to a keyword tool that can tell you more about the keywords you are trying to choose.

Why do you need a keywords tool

A tool to find the best keywords is important because you want to know:What you need when looking for the right keywords

  • How many people are searching those keywords
  • How much traffic would you receive from it
  • How much competition will there be
  • The quality of the keyword
  • And the chances of ranking higher due to traffic and competition (SEO)

There are many programs out there that can offer this information, but some may not give you very accurate information since all they want is your money. There are a few though that you can try out for free and that can give you accurate results.

Keyword tools that are free to try


Possibly the best tool out there is one that I have mentioned before, Jaaxy (Jaaxy review here). They have a free trail that you can try that offers 30 free searches and those free searches include everything that I mentioned above. If you require more searches, they do offer a premium account and an enterprise account that just have more awesome features.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool

Another pretty awesome keyword tool is available within Wealthy Affiliate. WA offers a free account that offers training and classes to help you out on your journey to becoming your own boss online. The free account includes to free websites (, awesome classes and courses, and a free keyword tool (among many other things). Best hiking backpack keyword search results using Wealthy Affiliate keyword search tool

QSR competition for keywords in Wealthy Affiliate keyword toolTheir free keyword tool also has a limit of 30 searches, if you become a premium member with WA you will have access to unlimited searches. The only downside of this is that the QSR (competition for the keyword) is not available in the same page as the searches therefore you can’t really compare that well. It also doesn’t have the automatic Alphabet soup technique that Jaaxy has. Anyway, it is still an accurate and free keyword tool.

What to look for when you type in your keywords into Jaaxy

There are a few things that you need to be looking at when you choose what keywords to go with.

  • Low competition (QSR)
  • Higher traffic
  • Higher SEO

The QSR should be below 300, anything higher and the less likely you will end up in the first pages of Google. The higher traffic then the more money you may get. The higher SEO lets you know the probability of ending up on the first page of google, which is something you would really strive for in order to get more visibility.

From the keywords that we chose from google, we can type those into Jaaxy and see how they would fare.

Here I tried “best hiking backpack brands.” Most of there are good options because they would rank pretty well, bring in quite a bit of traffic, and because the competition is pretty low. I would probably chose “best hiking backpacks” since is has a lot of traffic, and it would rank decently. It still has quite a bit of competition compared to the other keywords, but it really isn’t that bad.

In this next example, I tried “which hiking backpack to buy” and it did not do so well. The wording is alright, the competition is very low, the chances of ranking well are not that bad either, but the traffic is very low which is not great. Also because of the wording, there really aren’t that many other options available and everything else offered on Jaaxy has nothing to do with the backpacks.

This next one I tried was “which hiking backpack is the best” and there were more options for this one. As you can see “hiking backpacks” has a crazy amount of average searches and monthly traffic, which is good, but because there are so many, and a lot of competition, it wouldn’t do very well. The chances of ranking high are very low, and the quality of the phrase is also pretty bad.

Once you have the phrase or keyword that you want, write a post or page using it. Make sure that you don’t drown your creation in keywords though. That does not read well, and it looks like spam.


If you are looking to promote more on Pinterest, know that Pinterest itself is a form of search engine. anything you type in shows you exactly what other people are searching. There are other programs that can give you the information you need to know how much it is being searched and how well those keywords are doing.

Good Luck!

Good luck finding your keywords! Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like some more information. Don’t forget to have fun with this! To get a free Jaaxy account, go here. For a free Wealthy Affiliate account, go here.

Have a marvelous day!


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