How to Easily Make Money Online!

Making money online is a pretty new concept. Some people still don’t see how it is possible, and trust me I was there for quite a while. But it can be quite simple and I can show you how.

Money does not buy happiness, but it can buy a ticket a round the world which is pretty close to awesomeness! This is why I am going to explain how money can be made from just a computer and some internet. It is a pretty new concept and it took me some time to believe that I too could travel the world and make money online (without investing thousands into it first). But through the help of Wealthy Affiliate, it all makes sense (and I don’t have more loans than I did before)!

How to Make Money Online

A Website is Essential!

The first thing that you absolutely have to do is to make yourself a website. This is a must. No one will really be able to find you online if you don’t have a home base.

To start a website you need to pick a niche, buy a domain (or get one for free HERE) and then start building your website. You can purchase a domain in several different spots, but I do recommend going through Wealthy Affiliate (WA) for these reasons:Wealthy Affiliate Offers

  • Two free websites ( with a free account
  • Awesome and powerful hosting capabilities and protection (what is web hosting and why is it important?)
  • Can host 25 domains and 25 free domains with a premium membership
  • Amazing support from the creators, and the community with thousands of members in different stages of learning
  • Amazing classes, lessons, tutorials to help you every step of the way for both free and premium accounts

Here is our review on Wealthy Affiliate if you would like to read and here is our post on how to build a free website through WA really quickly along with a video by one of the WA owners.

Once you have that down you can focus on ranking on Google and other social media.

Trying to capture an audiences of thousands of people used to be impossible. Now because of the internet we can reach millions, and your goal is to rank in the first few pages of Google.

People search for things on Google all of the time and you just need to learn how to make them see you in the first. This can be done by following many steps (this can take a while) that are outlined in WA.

Promote Products and Get a Kick Back ($$$)

There are many ways to making money online, but the easiest (unless you actually have something to sell) is to promote other products.Basic Process to Earning Money Online

Becoming an affiliate with one company or another is what brings in the money. There are many different affiliates that you can sign up for and promote. When you have a niche that people searching and you have traffic going into your website, people will try things that you are promoting. When people buy, you get a commission.

It really is that simple. You can make a few extra bucks here and there, or you may be able to quit your job and be very well off with just your laptop and some internet. It all depends on the effort you put into it. This really doesn’t even cost that much to do (unlike other online “opportunities” that make you spend too much money). As long as you actually try, you will be able to make it happen.

For more information on making money online doing something you love, visit Wealthy Affiliate. It will take a while to get there, but as long as you put in the effort, you will get there. Try it our free right now and get started on your website today! If you have any questions right now, please leave a comment below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! Have a marvelous day!



Hello! My name is Adriana but you can call me Cheetos. I am just an artist on the road to financial freedom in order to travel the world with my beautiful man and pup. If you would like to know more, go to the about me or shoot me an email at Also I had nothing to do with Jesus's bio info... >:D


  1. Deraj
    April 11, 2017

    Wow, I’m so happy that today I landed in your website, specially in this page where you have explain so well about the way to make money online very easily and more than that you have explained the most legit way to make money online so that no one can scam. Thank you very much for this post.

    1. Adriana Olmedo
      April 13, 2017

      You are very welcome. I am glad to have helped someone out! Have a marvelous day!


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