EZ Money Review: My Honest Opinion


EZ Money, Product Overview

Its a program that promises you will make money by just copying and pasting content (they don’t really say what) almost instantly. To my understanding (I didn’t stay long because I found something legit that made more sense here) you pretty much just learn how to scam. 

EZ Money Team My honest opinion of this scamOverall Rank: 2/10

Price: $49

Website: Could not relocate (if I do, I will update)


  • supposedly quick
  • less expensive than most other things out there


  • tech support is possibly non-existent
  • may be breaking some copyright laws (read more on copyright here)
  • Very minimal modules
  • the man is not real (Jeff or whatever his name is)


The cost is $49. But that is not all that they want you to buy. I found out later through research that I could have waited a bit and I would have been able to pay $9. That just shows how “amazing their product is.


Part of the make money video of EZ Money Team
In case you were curious, I did not make money as soon as I finished watching that video

During the initial video, there was a lot of “I will tel you exactly how but first…” “You will make millions only like me just by doing this thing, which I will tell you by the end of the video…” which he didn’t. I was later able to find all of his training modules on YouTube available for free without any special access (I used incognito mode therefore no cookies involved). That upset me because I was already tight on money.

Anyway he only has 5 training modules where he teaches about an affiliate and creating a website, which is more like a landing page, email marketing, traffic, FAQs and the 5th module is for those who pay more. These modules really aren’t that bad looking, until you find out that is really is mostly just copy and paste.


Why I even got involved in the first place

This all started when I got really hurt one day at work and I was off for a week doctors orders of course. I then decide that I was tired of working so much and not making enough. So I googled ways of making money online that was not a scam, in hopes that I would actually make some sort of a living. Maybe not a rich living, but a living that would provide us with the necessary money and never worry about losing money because of an injury.

I found a website called EZ Money where they promised that they would make me rich in a couple days. I was desperate and fell for it so I paid $49. I know that’s really not a lot but at the time that was all I had at the time. 

Complications arose

The login didn’t work and getting in contact with them was nearly impossible. I was supposed to contact tech support and I tried to many times to no avail. I then received a call from the higher ups wondering why I had yet to start. I explained the situation and they said to email tech support, which I did and still no response.

That was when I decided to do some research (I know I should have done it sooner). It turned out that although there might be a way to make money, it pretty much involved copying and scamming others. I should have known when he said that I could become rich almost instantly. That is impossible unless you win the lottery. 

A Step in the Right Direction

I ended up ditching that and found another website that I could try out for free. It is real and they taught me how to start my own website and how to create my very own canteen to bring people in. It requires a lot of work and time, but it’s legal and I don’t have to worry about copyright.

Wealthy AffiliateThis awesome community of incredibly supportive individuals is called Wealthy Affiliate. No money needed to start today. They provide you with the tools you need to become successful in the online world without needing to rip any one off, which I feel is very not cool. Through WA you can also get started online, and hopefully that will keep you from being duped by scams like EZ Money.

The great community will help you out whenever you get stuck and need help because let’s face it, we all need help and there’s no shame in that. Most of the people at WA have been there and why not just learn from their mistakes rather than make them yourself?

Final Verdict

Don’t do EZ Money. The whole situation felt very scammy. They may be trying to do this with good intentions, but I would go with something thousands of people have tried with success, like WA.

Join WA Today!

To join WA for free today, go here. Try it out for a few days and see if it’s right for you. There is a premium version that you don’t need to upgrade to, but it is recommended if you are willing to put the work into it. Just promise me that if you do sign up for free, actually try it out. Don’t put in 20% of the work and expect immediate and amazing results. It takes time, but it will be worth it in the end.

Well if you have any questions or would like to share your stories of a scam leave a comment below or message me at jesus@freefinallyfree.com

Oh my gosh! A post by Jesus?! Yes, my appearances around here are minimal due to my current job and working hours. Also because I am not as awesome at writing as my gorgeous amazing fiance (she had nothing to do with the wording of this...) Adriana (Cheetos). If you would like to know more, head over to the about me or shoot me a message at jesus@freefinallyfree.com

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