Canva Review: A Must for Any Business Ever

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Overview of Canva: This is a freaking fantabulous product. I do love Adobe and all, but because my laptop is so slow, I have to use that on my phone which means bouncing images between 5 different apps. With Canva, it has pretty much everything there! You can make your own logo, cards, graphics, and so much more with just one program. If I start this on my phone, I can just save it and hop on my computer to keep working. This means no more emailing myself hundreds of pictures (I had so many emails from myself with images, it was annoying).Continue reading

Avant Loans Review: Is it Worth it?

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This lending group has really been helpful in dire times of need. Some online business require quite a bit of money to start with and we I was trying out Laptop Lifestyle (here is my review) at the time which did require money to start off and Avant was there to help out. If you are approved, or not, you will know quickly. It’s also all online so you don’t have to get out of your home or worry about work and your schedule to get it. You can also get the funds into your account within 24 hours.Continue reading

The Mint App Review: Awesome Budgeting App at your Fingertips

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Do you ever just look at your bank account and don’t understand how you can’t save any money when you get paid more than enough to pay for everything you need and save plenty but it’s all gone? Well worry no more because here is an awesome little app to help out with that. This app is here to help you look at where all your money goes, and helps you set visual boundaries and limits.Continue reading

Laptop Lifestyle Review

Laptop Lifestyle, AKA Project Make It Happen, Elite, Enagic, is an online marketing systemthat helps people get into marketing through Facebook ads. They offer training based on how much you pay and an opportunity to make money by convincing others to join the group, selling the main physical product, and selling a monthly membership.  Continue reading