How to Easily Make Money Online!

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Making money online is a pretty new concept. Some people still don’t see how it is possible, and trust me I was there for quite a while. But it can be quite simple and I can show you how.

Money does not buy happiness, but it can buy a ticket a round the world which is pretty close to awesomeness! This is why I am going to explain how money can be made from just a computer and some internet. It is a pretty new concept and it took me some time to believe that I too could travel the world and make money online (without investing thousands into it first). But through the help of Wealthy Affiliate, it all makes sense (and I don’t have more loans than I did before)!Continue reading

The Alphabet Soup Technique for Keywords and Phrases

Keywording is so important it is ridiculous! You can’t think about it too much to the point that your whoe post doesn’t really make sense, but you need enough to please the robots. I never truly knew the important of keywording until Jesus and I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate (here is our review). There are so many different ways to know what your audience is searching. Fortunately there are quite a few free tools out there for you to use, like Google, Jaaxy, and the keyword tool in WA, which go very well with the alphabet soup techniqueContinue reading

Canva Review: A Must for Any Business Ever

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Overview of Canva: This is a freaking fantabulous product. I do love Adobe and all, but because my laptop is so slow, I have to use that on my phone which means bouncing images between 5 different apps. With Canva, it has pretty much everything there! You can make your own logo, cards, graphics, and so much more with just one program. If I start this on my phone, I can just save it and hop on my computer to keep working. This means no more emailing myself hundreds of pictures (I had so many emails from myself with images, it was annoying).Continue reading

Copyright Law, My Understanding of How to Not Get Sued

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Have you ever read an article that just had really long paragraphs and no pictures at all? You probably left that site quick, I know I would. One big factor that could make of break an online business is pictures. Pictures offer a break in the reading, they offer examples for those of us who are more visual people and they provide a better understanding of the content and the person writing it.

This being said, not all of us are artists or photographers, which means we must rely on the internet for these images. But the last thing you want in an up and coming online business is to get sued over using the work of someone else without permission.Continue reading

What is Web Hosting?

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When you are trying to create an online presence you need a few key things: a niche, a domain, a website, and a place to put it all there.
That is pretty much what web hosting is, a place where everything is saved. Think of it like a mobile home (a very pretty one). Your niche and content is what you are going to put inside your home. The website will be the home to keep it all safe while the property you put it on will be the web host. You can’t really make the website yours until you land it somewhere.

Continue reading