7 Job Scams That You Could be Falling For

7 job scams that you could be falling for post image for freefinallyfree.com

Getting out of debt can be accomplished if you have a job or start a blog/online business and looking for a job has never been so easy to do. All you have to do is open up your internet browser and search from the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, though it may be significantly easier to find a job, it is also a lot easier to get scammed. Here are seven things to look out for when you are searching for a job online.Continue reading

Personal Assistant Scams: My Personal Experience

My personal experience being a personal assistant post image for freefinallyfree.com

We all want to make a little more money than what we already make. Unfortunately, there are leeches out there that look for people like you and I and scam their way into our money. Some of these leeches look to hire “Personal Assistants.”

Not all of the “Personal Assistant” positions out there are scams. Some are legit, but you need to be careful. They try to reel you in with a very nice weekly paycheck that would take care of your problems without using too much of your time. Continue reading

Green Dot Scams

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Green Dot debit cards that aren't a problem but some take advantage and scam peopleThere are many scams out there and these awful people will do anything to get your money. One that I unfortunately fell for that I am really upset about is one that involved green dot.

I don’t want to hate on green dot because they can come in pretty handy. They are a form of prepaid card that can get your direct deposit up to two days earlier. Many stores out there have them and you just pay and get that money in there. When I was scammed, they did have a max of about $300 I believe.Continue reading