Avoiding Scams

Unfortunately, mean people exist in this world that want to make money by taking shortcuts and by taking advantage of our trust. We are all bound to end up falling for one every once (I know I have many times) in a while and all we can do is learn from this and learn what a scam may look like.

By definition… a scam is a dishonest scheme or a fraud. There are some programs out there to make money online where they steal your money and disappear, and there are those that don’t necessarily lie to you, they just leave out the other things you will need to purchase to actually make any money through their program.

It is impossible to stop searching for ways to better yourself, or make a little money on the side or a living income but you feel that the offer may be too good to be true, research it.

Research, research, research! 

Though the internet can possibly drain your life’s savings, it can also possibly save it. If you are considering a product or program to try out, it is more than likely that someone else has already tried it. Look up reviews from other people, they will probably take about what happened after they paid, what else they needed, if any help was offered etc.

Research multiple different reviews, don’t just stick to one or two, especially if they are all positive because that should seem a little suspicious. No matter how amazing or legit a product/program may be, there will always be a few unhappy people that usually didn’t make it because they didn’t try hard enough. If everything is purely good reviews and they all pretty much have the same wording, then they may all be by people who are already in on it and are trying to get your money.

Warning signs that should make you suspicious

Totally legit video of a possible scam. A little hard to tell because dogs are very trust worthy. (Just kidding, just a picture of my dog, the type of video I’m referring to is really long)

The Must Watch Video/Webinar: This one is very common among make money online scams. They give a video or “live webinar” (a large part was already prerecorded) that offers their amazing product. If you ask almost any of the people that are really involved, they will tell you that the video explains everything, but really it is just constantly repeating he same thing over and over again without really explaining anything. After this, you usually have to pay to get any more information and no one will tell you anything until you have paid. Also most of the “real people” commenting “this is great!” “I totally get it,” or “I’m signing up right now!” are people who have already in with the business.



The Limited Time Offer: This one gets me a lot I will not lie about that. These people tell you the actual price of what they are selling (the actual price is usually ridiculously over inflated) and they offer a ridiculous discount that you cannot say no to. Unfortunately, this is usually a lie, they do sometimes do offer even lower prices if you choose not to buy at the time that they offered it, or that discount was the original price to begin with.

Overnight Success!: This one is a huge lie. An online business is like a normal business except online. You can’t just buy a McDonald’s today and be making money by tomorrow. You have to buy the property, buy insurance, pay for possible renovations, wait for inspections, get food, get people to make the food, and so much more. It can take a few weeks to possibly years depending where you are starting. The awesome part of an online career is that its a little less than all of that, but it is definitely not overnight. You can get there through hard work, and you may get there quicker than starting a brand new McDonald’s, but you will get there eventually.

No Human Lifeforms: No one is there to actually talk to you. All you get is automated massages that everyone else gets, and a link to the FAQ’s. Sometimes its hard to run a business especially since you can reach billions of people through the web, but they have to help you eventually if they are serious about helping you throughout. Many offer amazing training and constant support and contact with people, its only a few actually hold up that promise. If they can’t answer a few questions before they make you pay or sign up, what makes you think they will later after they already have your money?

Only Good Reviews: This one is a little tricky because I guess it is possible that absolutely everyone that ever tried them out could be happy customers, but it is highly unlikely. There is usually at least 1% that ends up unhappy for whatever reason. If it really is a good product/program, the bad reviews will probably be about how they didn’t make any money immediately, or they only tried it for a week and failed. That is bound to happen. But if all of the reviews are about how amazing they are, you should become suspicious. If you scroll through them and they all sound the same, they may just be people trying to get your money without helping you make any yourself.

No Reviews or Info: If there are no reviews or information besides that page to sign up or that capturing video, you should be a little suspicious for it is probably a scam. It is possible that they offer great things, but it is more likely that they have started up recently and don’t plan to stick around once enough people have paid.

Thank you for reading! Don’t be afraid to comment below with any other scam tips or information, let’s all help each other!

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