About Cheetos

Hello! I go by the name of Cheetos, for a very slight addiction I had to them when I was younger (okay maybe a little more than just slight) and I am Jesuss’ fiance! If you feel uncomfortable calling me that, my name is Adriana but it must pronounced with a Hispanic accent otherwise it is then spelled Adrianna which is wrong.

We have decided to embark on this journey to freedom together for many reasons, a few of which will be somewhere on this website. I personally have crippling debt that keeps me from doing anything I actually want to do in life, like go hiking, travel the world, volunteer, and sometimes just lay and binge on Netflix.

We have tried many different “online work” things and they kind of suck honestly. So far Wealthy Affiliate is the most comprehensive one I have seen so far and it is quite delightful. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns I would be happy to help you out, just shoot me a message at cheetos@freefinallyfree.com or fill out the contact for here.

Thank you!