FreeFinallyFree.com is a website with information on how to become financially free. Financially free to us is to be free of debt and to be able to do what we want without worrying about money.  This can be done by saving money, budgeting better, avoid throwing money away in scams, and building an online business. 

Financial freedom is not an easy task. Many of us live our lives without accomplishing our dreams because we are stuck paying debts for years with jobs we don't like. If we can learn how to take care of our money, we could pay all of that off and get out there! Our dream is to travel the world. To do that, we need to eliminate debt and create an income to support that goal. This is how building an online business enters the picture.

On this website we will be posting different ways to save money that we may not think about and different forms of budgeting that we are trying or planning to try. We will also post about scams and what to look out for and we will write out review on products/programs/systems that we have tried that could/not assist you in your journey to financial freedom. We will also be scouring the net to find helpful information on tips to make an online business grow. 

As an added bonus, we will also have a gallery filled with our photography. Since we are not financially free quite yet, these photographs are mostly from our past adventures that motivate further traveling endeavors. 

Thank you for visiting our website, if you have any questions about anything shoot us an email at jesus@freefinallyfree.com or cheetos@freefinallyfree.com or fill out our contact form here

Let's break the cycle and become free, finally free. 

Jesus Gallegos

Jesus is mainly in charge of the social media aspect of freefinallyfree.com since he currently works too many hours to add too much content. He is a motivated individual living in a tough situation and is ready to get out and live his life the way he wants to. He would love to have more time to spend with his lovely fiance and beautiful Staffordshire. Read more here



Adriana Olmedo

Adriana Olmedo, AKA Cheetos, has become the main content writer for freefinallyfree.com since she lost her terrible job. She is a hard working individual ready to travel the world and make a living off the laptop. She loves to see the wonders the world has to offer and loves to do nothing when she can. Read more here